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New Power Ranking monitoring service: Who will lead the EU into the new decade?

The pace of political changes has accelerated significantly in recent years, creating confusion and unpredictability among the stakeholders and the citizens. For this reason, we are starting a new service of monitoring the rise and the fall in the power of political parties in the EU countries.

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Winners and losers in the EP decision-making: climate, ETS, EU budget, development aid, Chile and sexual education

This week, EU Parliamentarians fought over the EU budget for 2020 and the EU environmental strategy. Other topics such as the situation in Latin America, the EU development aid and sexual education in Poland were also on top of the EU agenda in November. 

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Von der Leyen gets the green light, but the biggest challenges are yet to come

Today, a majority of MEPs decided to give the green-light to the new von der Leyen Commission. However, trouble lies ahead, as the new Commission will have to face a significant, perhaps even unprecedented, number of political challenges. This report analyses the current state of play.

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Which MEPs are the most supportive of migration, EU enlargement, EU social policy?

We are keeping track of how each MEP voted on all the issues decided in the EP. We looked closely at all the votes cast so far on 3 of the hottest topics at the moment, namely migration, EU enlargement and social affairs to assess how different political players are positioning themselves.

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Brexit: what consequences for the EU policies after the referendum’s shocking results?

A massive political earthquake shook the world this morning, as the majority of UK’s citizens
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VoteWatch Europe’s Director, Doru Frantescu, interviewed by CNN on Brexit’s implications for the EU

The global broadcasting company CNN recently listed 5 reasons the EU would miss the UK. Continue
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