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Special webinar: Analytics of comitology decisions (09.06.2021)

Wednesday 9 June at 10:00-10:30 (Zoom)


VoteWatch has undertaken the unprecedented step of mapping the positions of national governments based on comitology over the past 3 years. Our newest dataset provides unique insights into the voting patterns of national governments on key policy areas, including chemicals, agriculture, taxation, transport, energy, climate and enlargement. 


Importantly, our analysis shows that even the biggest countries tend to end up on the losing side on specific policy issues. 


Want to find out more? Join us on the 9th of June to discover which countries oppose which decisions. This session is free of charge, but it requires prior registration.




The briefing will be delivered by Doru Peter Frantescu, CEO of VoteWatch Europe, and Davide Ferrari, Head of Research at VoteWatch, with special guest Aaron Mcloughlin, Senior Advisor at FleishmanHillard and author of “Working with the European Commission” (part of the book “How to Work with European Institutions”, John Harper Publishing).