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Power webinar: how to use our new influence tools to build your strategy (05.11.2020 - Online Webinar)

This free executive webinar is for senior EU affairs professionals and campaigners who need to defend their interests in the European Parliament and who like to take a strategic approach to their campaign. The information that will be presented is highly relevant for private stakeholders and staff working in the European institutions or national governments. 

We will show how our tools provide, within minutes, a full picture of who is relevant among the MEPs and the direction in which each MEP is pulling the legislation in any policy area. You will quickly be able to assess the size of your potential coalition, who your allies are and on whom it makes the most sense to focus in order to secure majorities in the European Parliament. 

Topics to be discussed include:

-    EU’s environmental legislation
-    Trade agenda
-    Taxation
-    and many others

This session is free of charge. 

The briefing will be delivered by Doru Peter Frantescu, CEO of VoteWatch Europe and author of “How to Work with the European Parliament” (John Harper Publishing) and Davide Ferrari, Head of Research at VoteWatch.