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Webinar: Winners and losers of European politics (10.07.2018 - Online event)

Our new series of webinars aims at providing the public from outside Brussels with key and real time updates on the politics behind EU decisions. The interactive format will also allow you to react live via the online chat and ask questions to the team of VoteWatch Europe.  


This second webinar in this series will take place on Tuesday, 10th July, from 5 to 6 PM CET, (GMT+2). The meeting will be hosted by Doru Peter Frantescu, CEO and cofounder of VoteWatch Europe, who will be assisted by Davide Ferrari, Research Executive at VoteWatch Europe.


The topics to be discussed are:


  • Coalition building of ALDE in the EP;


  • The top 5 most outvoted Member States in the EU Council (since Brexit);


  • The latest vote on the copyright reform;


  •  Our forecasts on the future plenary vote on rule of law in Hungary;


  • Austria’s voting behavior in the EU Council;


  • Reform of the electoral law of the European Union;


  • Latest developments on the EU Mobility Package;


  • A selection of relevant issues from the July’s session of the EP plenary.


To make this webinar even more interesting for the participants, you are invited to suggest the topics to be discussed. Click on the following link to take our survey.


Participation in this interactive webinar briefing is free of charge. However, room for participation is limited and priority will be given to our PRO subscribers (for more information on our PRO services, feel free to contact us at [email protected]).


We will confirm your registration and provide you with the credentials for the access to the platform by Monday the 9th.