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2ยบ Session: Quo Vadis EU in 2017? How Political and Economic Developments will impact EU Future? (27.01.2017 - VoteWatch Europe, 32-34 Avenue de Tervueren, 1040 Brussels)

Leading Brussels-based think tank, Vote Watch Europe, cordially invite you on 27.1.17 to an EU Policy Business Breakfast on the topic: 

“Quo Vadis EU in 2017? How national elections and other political and economic developments in 2017 will impact EU future?”


When: 27.1.2017: 9.30 – 11.00 (From 9 warming up networking)


Where: VoteWatch Europe’s office, Avenue Tervueren 32-34, 6th floor (at the entry into the Cinquantenaire galleries, take the left hand side entry)  


Speaker: Doru Frantescu, CEO & Cofounder, Vote Watch Europe (Brussels)


Format: Impulse Speech by the speaker & then interactive dialogue with the active participation of the guests.

Participation: Only by invitation (if you are unable to attend, you may designate another person from your organisation to join). Limited seats. The participation is free of charge. There will be served coffee, juice, water & breakfast snacks.

Topic and Dialogue Background: If you think that 2016 was a dynamic year politically and economically wise, please rethink it! The new year is expected to bring many difficult political and economic twists in the European and global governance, which will also change EU’s future. Upcoming changes in EU and the US will gradually reshape the current opinions and positions globally and hence the international relations patterns and balances. Geo-political realignments and changes will affect global and EU governance, trade, businesses, economies and societies.The new Trump administration takes over in January, Brexit negotiations are due to start in March, while rising protectionist and nationalist forces will confront the establishments in elections in France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands throughout the year. Moreover, we should not forget that the Greek crisis case is still ongoing and the second evaluation of the program is open. Get an insight view from our expertise on the topics and the political and economic perspectives of EU in 2017!