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Date Name of document MEP's vote Policy area MEP's vote
Date Name of document MEP's vote Loyal / Rebel to political group Policy area MEP's vote

Parliamentary activities

Participation in roll-call votes:
9913 out of 10036 votes
Ranking: 343rd
Loyalty to political group:
9360 out of 9912 votes
Ranking: 391st
Loyalty to national party:
9736 out of 9881 votes
Ranking: 604th

How this MEP influences EU policy (sample)

Voting behaviour reveals that, compared to the EPP group, this MEP is more supportive of expanding the network of marine protected areas to at least 30% at the EU level.

Additionally, we found that, compared to the EPP group, this MEP is less supportive of adopting stricter toxicity criteria in order to assess the impact of plant protection products on honeybees.

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Curriculum vitae

  • Education

  • 1993-1993 - Qualified to practise as a lawyer
  • 1994-1994 - Lawyer specialising in civil law
  • 1993-1993 - Assistant at the Bank of Italy (Public service, government)
  • Political career

  • Offices held in local government bodies
  • 1995-1999 - Chair of the Regional Municipal Police Academy
  • Offices held in regional government bodies
  • 1995-1995 - Elected member of Campania Regional Council for the first time
  • 2000-2000 - Re-elected member of Campania Regional Council
  • 2005-2005 - Re-elected member of Campania Regional Council, securing 35 723 votes and thus becoming the regional councillor who has obtained the highest number of votes in Italy since regional elections have been based on a single-preference system​
  • 2010-2010 - Re-elected member of Campania Regional Council
  • 1995-2000 - Acting Vice-Chair of Campania Regional Council's Committee on Tourism, Agriculture and Manufacturing
  • 1999-2000 - Chair of the regional council's Committee on Reform
  • 2000-2000 - Elected Chair of the committee with oversight over the activities of the regional executive
  • 2005-2005 - Elected officer with responsibility for personnel matters in Campania Regional Council
  • 05/2013-06/2014 - Appointed senior member of the regional council
  • 07/2014-06/2015 - Unpaid adviser to the President of Campania Regional Council, with responsibility for manufacturing and economic development
  • Offices held in the EU institutions
  • 2014-... - Elected Member of the European Parliament in the Southern Italy constituency, securing 89 501 votes;
  • 2014-... - Member of the Group of the European People's Party, Chair of the Delegation for Relations with Israel, member of the Conference of Delegation Chairs, member of the Committee on Budgetary Control, member of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, m