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Ministers and their substitutes representing Spain in the Council

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Spain representatives

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Representative Function
AYLLON MANSO José Luis State Secretary for Relations with Parliament
MARTINEZ CASTRO Carmen State Secretary for Communications
GARCIA-MARGALLO MARFIL José Manuel Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation
DE BENITO SECADES Gonzalo State Secretary for Foreign Affairs
MENDEZ DE VIGO Y MONTOJO Íñigo State Secretary for the European Union
GRACIA ALDAZ Jesús Manuel State Secretary for International Cooperation and Latin America
RUIZ-GALLARDON JIMENEZ Alberto Minister for Justice
ROMAN GARCIA Fernando State Secretary for Justice
MORENES EULATE Pedro Minister for Defence
ARGUELLES SALAVERRIA Pedro State Secretary for Defence
GARCIA SANCHEZ Fernando Chief of Defence Staff
MONTORO ROMERO Cristóbal Minister for Finance and Public Administration
FERRE NAVARRETE Miguel State Secretary for Finance
FERNANDEZ CURRAS Marta State Secretary for the Budget and Expenditure
BETETA BARREDA Antonio Germán State Secretary for Public Administration
FERNANDEZ DIAZ Jorge Minister for the Interior
ULLOA RUBIO Ignacio State Secretary for Security
PASTOR JULIAN Ana María Minister for Public Works
CATALA POLO Rafael State Secretary for Planning and Infrastructure
WERT ORTEGA José Ignacio Minister for Education, Culture and Sport
GOMENDIO KINDELAN Monserrat State Secretary for Education, Vocational Training and Universities
CARDENAL CARRO Miguel President of the National Sports Council (rank of State Secretary)
LASALLE RUIZ José María State Secretary for Culture
BANEZ GARCIA María Fátima Minister for Employment and Social Protection
HIDALGO TENA Engracia State Secretary for Employment
BURGOS GALLEGO Tomás State Secretary for Social Security
SORIA LOPEZ José Manuel Minister for Industry, Energy and Tourism
MARTI SCHARFHAUSEN Fernando State Secretary for Energy
CALVO-SOTELO IBANEZ-MARTIN Víctor State Secretary for Telecommunications and the Information Society
BORREGO CORTES Isabel María State Secretary for Tourism
ARIAS CANETE Miguel Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Environment
RAMOS DE ARMAS Federico State Secretary for the Environment
DE GUINDOS JURADO Luis Minister for Economic Affairs and Competitiveness
JIMENEZ LATORRE Fernando State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Support for Business
GARCIA-LEGAZ PONCE Jaime State Secretary for Trade
VELA OLMO Carmen State Secretary for Research, Development and Innovation
MATO ADROVER Ana Minister for Health, Social Services and Equality
MORENO BONILLA Juan Manuel State Secretary for Social Services and Equality