Winners and losers of the EP Plenary March 2018

Another plenary session, another special VoteWatch Europe report on the most controversial issues, the oddest voting behavior of EU Parliamentarians (MEPs) and the strangest bedfellows occurred in Strasbourg.

This time around, MEPs took a stance on whether EU countries infringing on the EU fundamental values should face financial consequences, whether new sources of revenue for the EU coffers should be introduced, as well as the controversial introduction of a Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base at the EU level.

The MEPs also took positions on how the future trade relations between the EU and the UK should look like, how the EU should respond to increasing trade protectionism from the US side and many other hot topics on the EU agenda.

For the second time in a row, the EPP was both the biggest winner and the most cohesive political group in Strasbourg. Concretely, the centre-right wing group led by Manfred Weber was on the winning side 97% of times (check our PRO report below to discover how the other political groups performed). With regards to individual MEPs, a Romanian member of the EPP, Ramona Nicole Mănescu, held the most consensual views during the March plenary session, as she was on the winning side almost 99% of times.

As in February, ALDE Parliamentarians were the most participative MEPs, while Bulgarian lawmakers had the highest attendance as a national group.  What about individual MEPs? Click here to find out the level of participation of your representatives in Strasbourg.

Check out our PRO report to learn the details of these key political developments:

- Potential leader of the Socialists&Democrats group in the EP, Udo Bullmann, in awkward position as his national party turns against the proposed Defence Programme. 

- Which Spanish MEPs opposed a tit-for-tat retaliation against the recent US crackdown on Spanish olives?

- What does Brexit mean? Does it mean leaving the Customs Union? British MEPs have different answers to this question...

- Which Green Parliamentarians supported  a nuclear option to veto the next MFF, in case the Council refuses to grant the European Parliament more powers on defining the EU own resources?

- Which Southern parties want the Commission to take drastic measures against the trade surplus of some Member States?

- Who from among the Social Democrats disagreed with the proposal to introduce a 20% common minimum tax rate in the EU (a proposal that triggered strong polarization of views)?

- How much support did the Italian bid to invalidate the relocation of the European Medicine Agency to Amsterdam draw?

- Among national groups, Czech and Croatian MEPs held the most consensual views, whereas UK and Greek MEPs were often on the losing side. How did the other national groups fare?

- Who are the main opponents of the proposal to slap financial sanctions on those Member States that infringe the EU fundamental values?

- Latvian MEPs were the most likely to vote as a national bloc, followed by Slovenian and Romanian lawmakers. On the other hand, UK, Greek and Danish EU Parliamentarians were the most divided. What about the other national groups?

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