Winners and losers of EU politics – May 2018 (MFF, CAP, etc)

Who gets what from the EU money, the regulation of the labour market, mandatory labelling, subsidies for farming (CAP) and a new investment fund for the Eurozone were the chief topics on which continental political forces fought during the latest plenary session of the European Parliament.

In the key showdown, MEPs  took a stand on the Commission's proposal for the next Multiannual Financial Framework. VoteWatch Europe analysed how the European Parliamentarians voted on some of the most controversial aspects of the initiative, such as the proposed rule of law conditionality for EU funding and the introduction of new own resources for the EU. MEPs also made decisions on posted workers, zero-hours contracts, new mandatory labeling, the reform of the CAP and much more.

As always, our special report highlights the most disputed issues, who made coalitions with whom, who won and who lost, the oddest voting behavior of EU Parliamentarians (MEPs) and the strangest bedfellows that occurred in Strasbourg.

Check out our PRO report to find out:

How the debate on posted workers drove a wedge between Macron and some of the ALDE members. Discover which (ALDE) parties are on Macron's side and which aren't;

- One of the most influential MEPs (a pro-EU political group leader), reveals his/her opposition to the Commission's initiative on own resources. Find out who this person is and what this occurrence discloses about the plans for the future of the EU;

- Which MEPs from the so-called 'frugal four' countries (Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden) support an additional raise of the MFF ceiling. Tip: MEPs from one of these countries have more moderate views;

- How EPP MEPs stand on the proposal to link EU funds to the functioning of the rule of law;

- Which EU political groups won the most votes, were the most cohesive (united) and participated the most; 

- Which key EPP parties threw their weight behind a call to crack down on zero-hours contracts;

- Which left-wing MEPs effectively contributed to the defeat of the latest S&D initiative on mandatory labeling;

- How the southern anti-austerity 'firebrands' reacted to the latest Commission-proposed fund to lend money to crisis-hit Eurozone countries;

- Which national groups were the most/least participative in May. Tip: MEPs from Balkan countries stood out from the others... 

- How the debate on small farms' exemptions from CAP environmental and climate rules revealed big division within the S&D group.

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