Winners and losers of EU politics – June 2018 (NATO, posting of drivers, etc)

During June's plenary session, MEPs took key decisions on the future rules for the workers in the road transportation sector, the future cooperation between the EU and NATO, and debated Rutte's plans for the future of Europe.

As always, our special report highlights the most disputed issues, who made coalitions with whom, who won and who lost, the oddest voting behavior of EU Parliamentarians (MEPs) and the strangest bedfellows that occurred in Strasbourg.

Additionally, in order to "celebrate" the 4th anniversary of this term of the European Parliament, this report will provide you with information on the overall performance of the European political groups  over these past 4 years.

Check out our PRO report to find out:

- Which national groups were the most supportive of exempting the road transport sector from stricter requirements on posting of workers?

 - Which key governing parties from Central European countries joined the opposition to more flexible rules on resting times for drivers?  

Which political group won the most votes during the current term of the European Parliament? And which one lost the most? 

 - How to assess the performance of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte in the European Parliament? 

- How did the governing parties in Italy and Germany reacted to the call for deeper cooperation with NATO? 

- Which political groups were the most cohesive during the current term? 

- How did political groups and national delegations fare in terms of participation during the current term? 

- Who is going to benefit from the redistribution of seats of the European Parliament following Brexit? 

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