Winners and losers of EU politics – July 2018 (Copyright, Mobility Package, electoral reform and much more!)

The last plenary session of the European Parliament before the summer pause was filled with groundbreaking developments. EU Parliamentarians fought over key (and controversial) decisions on the EU copyright rules, data protection, the mobility package, the EU electoral law, the definition of climate refugees, the EU's stance on the controversy between Turkey and Armenia, and many other hot topics on the EU agenda. The EU political forces were often split on these subjects, leading to very close voting outcomes, with a key proposal on posting of drivers passing by only 2 votes!

Learn from our special report what were the most disputed issues, who made coalitions with whom, who won and who lost, the oddest voting behavior of EU Parliamentarians (MEPs) and the strangest bedfellows that occurred in Strasbourg.

Within this new edition of Winners and Losers of EU politics, you will find out:

- Which EU Parliamentarians made the difference when rejecting stricter copyright protection on online platforms? And what can we expect next? *Hint: 51% of MEPs sided with the internet campaigners and digital corporations, such as Google and Facebook, which would have been harmed by the stricter requirements on copyright protection. Conversely, 44% of MEPs sided with the media and creative industries, which demand stricter rules to ensure a ‘fair compensation’ for reproducing their work. There is a difference of only 40 votes between the two camps before the policy is rephrased and re-voted upon in September. 

- Which EU Parliamentarians were decisive in passing a key proposal to extend exemptions to the rules on posting of drivers, and then changed their votes in the minutes? *Hint: the EU Parliamentarians of one party "corrected" their votes after the session (read: changed their votes in the minutes). Importantly, these "corrections" would have changed the outcome of the vote! However, unlike the VAR used for the FIFA World Cup, parliamentary corrections of vote after the decision has been made do not count, ie. they cannot switch back the outcome. 

- Which members of the liberal and social democrat groups sided with the conservative right on the definition of climate refugees? *Hint: The EPP group managed to push through a proposal to oppose an international definition of 'climate refugees', winning by a difference of only 7 votes! Who made the difference?

- Which European political forces want the EU Commission to side with Armenia on the recognition of the Armenian genocide? 

- Which members of the EPP support the suspension of the EU-US Privacy Shield, in case the US keeps non-complying with EU rules? 

- Which key members of ECR were in minority in their own group in supporting easing of data protection rules for SMEs? 

- Who are the winners and losers of the latest reform of the EU electoral law? 


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