Uzbekistan Elections: History, Outcome and Future Impact on the Country

The EU recently accepted the Central Asian Republic in its GSP+ scheme, which is designed to support countries in need of economic growth. Since President Mirziyoyev became leader in 2016, Uzbekistan has displayed a keen interest in building ties with the EU and the West in general. For this reason, the EU Member States are now paying increasing attention to both economic and democratic developments in this country. Continue Reading

Why Central Asia is a key area for the EU during Trump’s America

The astonishing result of the recent American Presidential election still reverberates across Europe and the World. Donald Trump has been seen by most foreign policy experts as an isolationist, who will (partially) withdraw the US from the realm of international diplomacy. Some European leaders have immediately indicated that this is a clear signal that the EU should get its act together and start to exert real leadership at a global level. Continue Reading