EP2019: how MEPs have made decisions during these 5 years?

Three months from now, many MEPs will try to keep their job by asking the EU citizens to give them another chance to move the EU forward. VoteWatch Europe will provide the public with a series of reports that reveal what and how the MEPs decided in these five years on behalf of half-a-billion citizens.  Today, we look at the big numbers.

Throughout these five years of the legislature, the European Parliament has hosted around 9,000 roll-call votes – these include separate votes on key paragraphs and amendments and are the “transparent votes”, in which the public can see which way each Member of the Parliament voted. Continue Reading

Briefing: Take-aways from yesterday’s vote on transparency in the European Parliament

The Members of the European Parliament have voted yesterday to change their rules of procedure in an effort to make the parliamentary activity more efficient, but also more transparent (the Corbett report). However, the report was fiercely disputed and in some cases some MEPs opposed making the decisions more open to the public. Among the topics voted upon were the secrecy of voting, the second jobs of the MEPs and regulating the meetings with lobbyists. Continue Reading

EU Council and the Open Data Portal endorse VoteWatch Europe

We are proudly announcing that VoteWatch Europe has been recently included in the applications tab of the EU Open Data Portal. As the raw data regarding the EU are often difficult to read, the EU Open Data Portal features a series of applications which make big data more user-friendly and easy to read.

As the description on the portal points out, “our website: covers all voting activity in the European Parliament and the EU Council of Ministers since July 2009, including parliamentary questions, speeches and reports by MEPs from all 28 EU countries. Continue Reading

MEPs support mandatory corporate tax reporting and exchange of information

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An overwhelming majority of Members of the European Parliament adopted a legislative resolution setting out a plan to reduce aggressive tax planning, evasion and avoidance by increasing the transparency of tax policies across the EU and making mandatory the automatic exchange of information on corporate taxation among national authorities.

The report was adopted by 567 votes in favour, 30 against and 53 abstentions. Continue Reading

Want to know more about how to use our data ? Check our video-tutorials.

Youtube is one of the biggest platforms for video-sharing, having more than 1 billion users around the globe and approximately 300 hours of video being uploaded every minute. These statistics show YouTube’s potential in educational matters. By spreading informational content on such platforms, the chances of reaching a higher number of people interested in a specific subject increase. Continue Reading

MEPs endorse the European Ombudsman’s call for more transparency

The MEPs overwhelmingly approved the resolution on the European Ombudsman Annual report for 2013 by 527 votes in favour, 21 against and 82 abstentions.

All the main EU political groups voted in favour of the resolution. The ECR and EFDD groups were split. In the ECR group, the Polish and German delegations voted in favour, whereas the British conservatives abstained. Continue Reading