Who voted what on “net neutrality”?

Key references on net neutrality were eliminated from a European Parliament report voted on 27 October.

Net neutrality is the idea that data should be ferried from place to place as quickly as possible, regardless of what it is, is how most people assume the internet works.

However, some ISP would like to be able to decide to prioritise certain types of data over others by charging the producers of such data a fee to make sure their content gets delivered promptly. Continue Reading

Establishment of single EU Telecoms market seen as the key for Europe’s Rennaissance

The Industry, Research and Energy Committee (ITRE) of the European Parliament believes that a single market for electronic communications is a key tool for creating smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. According to specialised studies[1] in e-commerce, EU citizens could save around 60 billion EUR a year as a result of lower prices in telecoms and 95 billion EUR as a result of having more choices. A single market for electronic communications would also increase consumer choices, quality of service and contribute to territorial and social cohesion, as well facilitate overall mobility across the EU. Continue Reading