EU-Russia: latest trends among EU political parties (measurement)

Plenary Session – © European Union 2019 – Source : EP

This report is based on the analysis of actual votes cast in the European Parliament since 2019. The research finds that there is increasing consensus among European factions on how to “deal with Russia”, as even some of the more “moderate” parties have increased in assertiveness after the invasion of Ukraine. Continue Reading

Voting analysis: who stands with Ukraine?

Ukrainian Flag is raised at the EP building in Brussels



Recent votes in the European Parliament show an increasing level of consensus for a tougher reaction against Russia in response to its military invasion of neighbouring Ukraine. This is showcased by the very high level of support (94%) for the EP resolution on Ukraine. Continue Reading

Nationalists defy EU condemnation of Russia abuses

VoteWatch Europe has been quoted by BBC World News:

10 June 2015

Anti-EU parties including UKIP have voted against a European Parliament resolution, which condemns Russian human rights abuses.

The strongly-worded, non-binding resolution was passed by a majority of MEPs. It called for a ban on funding of political parties in the EU by non-EU “political or economic stakeholders”. Continue Reading