EP2019: how MEPs have made decisions during these 5 years?

Three months from now, many MEPs will try to keep their job by asking the EU citizens to give them another chance to move the EU forward. VoteWatch Europe will provide the public with a series of reports that reveal what and how the MEPs decided in these five years on behalf of half-a-billion citizens.  Today, we look at the big numbers.

Throughout these five years of the legislature, the European Parliament has hosted around 9,000 roll-call votes – these include separate votes on key paragraphs and amendments and are the “transparent votes”, in which the public can see which way each Member of the Parliament voted. Continue Reading

Nos députés européens sont-ils assidus ?

France 2

14 March 2016

This week the French TV “France 2”, published a video report based on VoteWatch Europe data about how some of the French Members of the European Parliament, especially from the far-left and far-right, represent their constituents.

L’Oeil du 20h : Nos députés européens sont-ils assidus ? Continue Reading