Influence Index 2020: Most Influential Maltese MEPs

Note: this country-based report is part of the broader study that measured the influence of MEPs from all 27 EU Members States. To consult the methodology and cross-country comparisons check out the full study.

The analysis uses data and insights from the one-year period up to August 2020. There have since been some changes in European parliamentary seats and leadership positions.  Continue Reading

Which MEPs are the best networkers / hubs of policy shaping ?

Following up on the macro-view of how MEPs network in the European Parliament, (i.e. how they table amendments across political groups and nationalities), this VoteWatch report shows which individual MEPs are the most open to collaboration and the keenest on developing EP networks in the current legislative term. Being a “policy hub” is critical for gaining influence and getting things done in the EP.  Continue Reading

Influence Index 2020: Most Influential MEPs on the “European Way of Life”

This analysis is part of the Influence Index: a new data-driven ranking of MEPs by VoteWatch Europe and BCW Brussels. It is the first MEP ranking to measure influence through two crucial dimensions, namely:

– Political influence: the ability to change legislation, win votes, and shape debates;

– Social influence: the ability to reach people, shift the public conversation, and build a community of support. Continue Reading