‘Fit for 55’ legislative package: mapping MEPs’ views and influence

This report is part of the new VoteWatch series showing you how to build your strategy using our new analytical tool (which is explained in-depth here) and which allows you to quickly identify kingmakers and swing-voters among MEPs. This tool is already been used by key stakeholders active in EU policy-making.

By combining (objective) data science with expert insight, we filter out the noise and show the actual positions of each MEP on key parts of the EU climate policy agenda. Continue Reading

Executive webinar: ‘fit for 55’, mapping MEPs’ views and influence

17th of June at 10:00-10:30 (Zoom)

MEP Jytte Guteland, S&D coordinator in the ENVI Committee in the European Parliament, and rapporteur on the European Climate law, joins our webinar tomorrow to discuss how the EP is likely to react to upcoming legislation from the Commission.

The delay by the European Commission to present its ‘fit for 55’ package may also be due to hesitations in assessing the level of political support for some of the key provisions of this package. Continue Reading