Two-speed Europe: EU politicians split over the strengthening of the Eurozone

The proponents and opponents of strengthening the Eurozone measured their forces during a series of votes that took place this week in the European Parliament on documents that set out the future of the European Union. This report maps the positions of the political forces across the continent, showing who backs and who opposes a two-speed Europe and the pooling together of financial resources. Continue Reading

What prospects for the new far-right EP group ?

by Doru Frantescu

Ahead of the EU elections in 2014, in an article published by the Economist, we predicted that it was unlikely that a new far-right group could be formed (or last for long) in the European Parliament. The basis for the prediction was that there are deep divisions between the parties that were supposed to make it up, combined with the small number of Members and nationalities that it can maneuver with. This was confirmed after the elections.

The same considerations apply now, when Front National seems to have gathered the Members to finally form an EP group (to be called Europe of Nations and Freedom). Even if Marine Le Pen finds the right numbers, the group will remain very fragile and is likely to implode rather sooner than later.

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