Powerful but Divided: The EU Parliamentarians Who Influence Digital and Telecommunication Policy

We are in the midst of the digital revolution. Individuals, businesses and policy makers alike are scrambling to make sense of the challenges and opportunities that new technologies create. It’s complicated to regulate an ecosystem that is so dynamic, complex, and fresh – although some think that it’s necessary.

European institutions have been making efforts to protect citizens and give everyone a fair chance to benefit from the digital expansion. Continue Reading

Who voted what on “net neutrality”?

Key references on net neutrality were eliminated from a European Parliament report voted on 27 October.

Net neutrality is the idea that data should be ferried from place to place as quickly as possible, regardless of what it is, is how most people assume the internet works.

However, some ISP would like to be able to decide to prioritise certain types of data over others by charging the producers of such data a fee to make sure their content gets delivered promptly. Continue Reading