Who holds the power in the European Parliament on neighbourhood and enlargement policy? Assessing the influence of individual MEPs

Why are why doing this assessment?

VoteWatch Europe has recently conducted an overall assessment on the most influential MEPs over the current parliamentary term. This type of information is fundamental to the public, who needs to be aware of the personalities that shape policies affecting over 500 million EU citizens. The institutions as a whole, and in this case the EU institutions, take responsibility for the decisions made and their implementation, but in order to strengthen the democratic processes, the citizens also need to know which politicians within the institutions are playing a bigger role in shaping these decisions. Continue Reading

Amid protests in Kosovo, EU presses ahead with its enlargement strategy

Kosovo has been an unruly place for the past few months. Despite widespread unrest and opposition protests against an-EU backed deal with Serbia, the EU presses ahead with its current enlargement strategy. A recent debate in the European Parliament confirmed the EU is staying its course on Serbia and Kosovo.

MEPs debated the progress on Serbia and Kosovo last month –politically sensitive, both Kosovo and Serbia are always discussed at the same time. Continue Reading