Which MEPs are the best networkers / hubs of policy shaping ?

Following up on the macro-view of how MEPs network in the European Parliament, (i.e. how they table amendments across political groups and nationalities), this VoteWatch report shows which individual MEPs are the most open to collaboration and the keenest on developing EP networks in the current legislative term. Being a “policy hub” is critical for gaining influence and getting things done in the EP.  Continue Reading

MEP Network Analysis: who links with whom in the European Parliament?

This is the first instance of a series providing key insights from our network-analysis of MEPs. Stay tuned for the second part to be published next week. 

Due to the consensus-driven nature of the EP, amendments play a key role in bridging gaps between different factions and finding common positions on the way to the vote. As such, they provide crucial information about the bridge-builders and the hubs of influence. Continue Reading