Exclusive Interview with MEP Jordi Solé: Conference on the Future of Europe

The Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) is expected to come to an end by spring 2022. Half-way through this deliberative democracy exercise, there are still questions and uncertainty regarding what the final outcome will be.

VoteWatch Europe has carried out several interviews as part of a series of materials about the Conference, covering the insights of MEPs who are members of the Delegation to the conference and have an insider perspective, you can find all the available interviews here . Continue Reading

Exclusive interview with MEP Damian Boeselager: Conference on the Future of Europe



The Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE), an exercise of deliberative democracy bringing together citizens and representatives of the EU institutions, is expected to come to an end by spring 2022. After one year of debates and consultations, questions remain regarding what the final outcome will be. Continue Reading

Exclusive interview with MEP Eleonora Evi: Conference on the Future of Europe

In spring 2021, the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) was launched, sparking a series of debates and consultations across the continent with the goal of collecting ideas from citizens and stakeholders to shape the future of the EU.

The European Parliament, Council and Commission agreed on a joint presidency, and each appointed representatives for a common Executive Board. Continue Reading

Exclusive Interview with MEP Alviina Alametsä: EU Foreign and Security Policy

The turmoil surrounding the withdrawal from Afghanistan has re-ignited debate on the future of European defence and the prospect of an “EU Army”. Vice-President Borrell’s suggestion of a rapid reaction force for such situations is the latest proposal for closer EU coordination in defence. Continue Reading

Exclusive interview with MEP Hautala: What to expect from European due diligence legislation

In March 2021, the European Parliament called on the Commission to put forward a European due diligence framework, which will notably require companies to deal with human rights and environmental issues in their supply chains.

VoteWatch reached out to Finnish MEP Heidi Hautala from the Greens/EFA (vice-president of the EP and shadow rapporteur for the Corporate due diligence and corporate accountability legislative initiative report) to find out more about the upcoming framework and what impacts it will have.  Continue Reading

MEP Network Analysis: who links with whom in the European Parliament?

This is the first instance of a series providing key insights from our network-analysis of MEPs. Stay tuned for the second part to be published next week. 

Due to the consensus-driven nature of the EP, amendments play a key role in bridging gaps between different factions and finding common positions on the way to the vote. As such, they provide crucial information about the bridge-builders and the hubs of influence. Continue Reading

European Parliament: current and future dynamics

The imminent departure of British MEPs brings further changes to the balance of power in the European Parliament, only a few months after the EP landscape was redrawn by the elections held in May 2019. This generates further confusion at a time when stakeholders are already struggling to engage with an apparently more unpredictable cohort of policymakers. However, the EP’s (and EU’s) decisions are not as unpredictable as commonly thought. Continue Reading

New Power Ranking monitoring service: Who will lead the EU into the new decade?


How powerful are political parties these days? Who are the most powerful players? How is influence shared among factions and sub-factions across the European continent and how will this play out in the next decade? The pace of political changes has significantly accelerated in recent years, creating confusion and unpredictability among stakeholders and citizens. Continue Reading

EP 2019: increasingly fragmented Parliament (fresh projections)

The year of this unprecedented electoral event has started. Five months from now, European citizens will vote for the first time without the British. Euro-critical / eurosceptical forces are trying to organise so that they can challenge the status-quo: today, Salvini meets Kaczynski. What can happen in May’s elections?

Here are some of our latest projections:

– If current trends are confirmed, for the first time in history of the elected EP, the two largest groups (EPP + S&D) would not be able to command a majority of seats. Continue Reading

Winners and losers of EU politics – June 2018 (NATO, posting of drivers, etc)

During June’s plenary session, MEPs took key decisions on the future rules for the workers in the road transportation sector, the future cooperation between the EU and NATO, and debated Rutte’s plans for the future of Europe.

As always, our special report highlights the most disputed issues, who made coalitions with whom, who won and who lost, the oddest voting behavior of EU Parliamentarians (MEPs) and the strangest bedfellows that occurred in Strasbourg. Continue Reading