VoteWatch Analytical Tool: uncover which MEPs can help you advance your agenda. Part 5.2. Gender balance in the workplace

This report is part of the new VoteWatch series showing you how to build your strategy using our new analytical tool (which is explained in-depth here), which allows you to quickly identify kingmakers and swing-voters among MEPs. This tool is already being used by key stakeholders active in EU policy-making. Continue Reading

Profile: what does Poland’s Duda really stand for ?

There has been a lot of speculation lately about what the impact of the surprising election of Andrzej Duda as president of Poland could be for Europe and for his country. We did a fact-check to find out what his true views are on policy-making, by analysising his voting behavior as an MEP, a position he held since 2014.

What did we find: judging by his voting record, Mr. Duda has reservations with regard to Juncker’s Commission, is a strong supporter of Ukraine’s European aspirations, favours the inclusion of investor’s protection clause in international trade agreements and supports a bigger EU budget. He prefers security over privacy and shares Israel’s views on Middle East politics. He does not support ambitious targets for renewable energy or gender-based affirmation action and he opposes to promotion of contraception and abortion.  Continue Reading

Gender-based report splits EU Parliament political forces

Every year, Parliament´s Women´s rights committee prepares a report about the progress made in equality between women and men. On 9 March, MEPs discussed the non-legislative report written by the Belgian Socialist Member Marc Tarabella in plenary and voted on it the following day.

The report as a whole received the backing 440 Members, while 200 MEPs voted against and 47 abstained. (Click here to see how the MEPs voted). Continue Reading