Profile: what does Poland’s Duda really stand for ?

There has been a lot of speculation lately about what the impact of the surprising election of Andrzej Duda as president of Poland could be for Europe and for his country. We did a fact-check to find out what his true views are on policy-making, by analysising his voting behavior as an MEP, a position he held since 2014.

What did we find: judging by his voting record, Mr. Duda has reservations with regard to Juncker’s Commission, is a strong supporter of Ukraine’s European aspirations, favours the inclusion of investor’s protection clause in international trade agreements and supports a bigger EU budget. He prefers security over privacy and shares Israel’s views on Middle East politics. He does not support ambitious targets for renewable energy or gender-based affirmation action and he opposes to promotion of contraception and abortion.  Continue Reading

Gender-based report splits EU Parliament political forces

Every year, Parliament´s Women´s rights committee prepares a report about the progress made in equality between women and men. On 9 March, MEPs discussed the non-legislative report written by the Belgian Socialist Member Marc Tarabella in plenary and voted on it the following day.

The report as a whole received the backing 440 Members, while 200 MEPs voted against and 47 abstained. (Click here to see how the MEPs voted). Continue Reading