VoteWatch Analytical Tool: uncover which MEPs can help you advance your agenda. Part 5.2. Gender balance in the workplace

This report is part of the new VoteWatch series showing you how to build your strategy using our new analytical tool (which is explained in-depth here), which allows you to quickly identify kingmakers and swing-voters among MEPs. This tool is already being used by key stakeholders active in EU policy-making. Continue Reading

Narrow leftist majority pushes for new strategy on gender equality in European Parliament

A narrow left-leaning majority in the European Parliament say the Commission has watered down the promotion of gender equality by only publishing a working paper instead of a full strategy for the years 2016-2020. The coalition passed a resolution in early February calling for such a strategy. The move was controversial, as the biggest parliamentary group, the European People’s Party (EPP) voted largely against, criticising the Left’s demand for more legislation before current laws are fully implemented. Continue Reading