Exclusive Interview with MEP Søren Gade: EU – India Relations



In light of the recent revival of negotiations between the European Union and India regarding closer trade relations, cooperation on climate has proven to be a solid ground for new developments. With The EU being India’s third largest trade partner, there is notably an opportunity to promote more sustainable trade practices between both parties. Continue Reading

MEPs back FTA negotiations with Australia and New Zealand

In another move that aims to increase the EU’s leverage on the global market, MEPs last week backed the opening of trade talks with Australia and New Zealand with an overwhelming majority. The only opposition came from the (far) left and the extreme right amid concerns over globalisation. Agriculture and transparency remain thorny issues, however.

This FTA adds one more link to the global trade network that the EU is building and which includes similar deals with the US (TTIP), Canada (CETA), Japan, alongside the already completed FTA with South Korea, and the TiSA (Trade in Services Agreement). Continue Reading