(Update) What chances for a real European Common Security and Defense Policy?

Note: this analysis, originally published in September, was updated to take into account the latest developments up to 17 November 2016.

Last evening, Doru Frantescu, the Director& cofounder of VoteWatch Europe, delivered an insightful presentation at an event hosted by the Union of European Federalists, where he analysed the chances of building a real European Defense Union.   Continue Reading

Top 10 most influential French MEPs (September 2016)

Note: this country-based report is part of the broader study that measured the influence of MEPs from all 28 EU Members States. To consult the methodology and cross-country comparisons read the full “Who holds the power in the European Parliament?” study.

A member of Hollande’s Socialist Party, Sylvie Guillaume, leads our list on the most influential French MEPs. Continue Reading

Survey results: how does Brexit impact on EU initiatives and politicians?

There is a lot of uncertainty about how Brexit will impact on the current EU initiatives and its highest level politicians. Various officials are trying to spin the narrative so that they can leverage Brexit to back their agendas. But will this work? How will Brexit actually influence the commitments to the EU integration of the remaining Member States? How will it affect TTIP negotiations, the REFIT, digital single market, or the relations with Russia and China? Continue Reading

TTIP under pressure: what are the forecasts?

Despite lengthy negotiations and the optimism of the top-level political elites in Hannover, the fate of TTIP is far from certain. The on-going revelations based on leaked documents were meant to give an important blow to the negotiations. Their real impact on the public opinion will be measurable in the coming weeks, while on the medium-term crucial electoral contests are looming ahead. Continue Reading

Nos députés européens sont-ils assidus ?

France 2

14 March 2016

This week the French TV “France 2”, published a video report based on VoteWatch Europe data about how some of the French Members of the European Parliament, especially from the far-left and far-right, represent their constituents.

L’Oeil du 20h : Nos députés européens sont-ils assidus ? Continue Reading

Parlement européen : quel parti travaille le plus ?



La France, comme tous les pays d’Europe, s’apprête à élire ses eurodéputés. L’occasion de faire le bilan des sortants en matière de participation aux votes, mais aussi de rapports et déclarations. Pour ce faire, nous avons eu recours aux données de VoteWatch, une ONG qui travaille à établir une comptabilité du travail des parlementaires européens.

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