Special highlights from EU decision making: Biodiversity, Due diligence, EU-US relations, EU Taxonomy

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Lessons learned from this month’s key votes in the European Parliament (click on the links to check the breakdown of the votes):

NB: the Commission pays attention to the size of EP majorities not only when voting on legislation, but also when own-initiative reports are being passed in the preparatory stages, hence the Commission is likely to shape the actual upcoming legislative proposals in line with these political majorities to avoid complications. Continue Reading

VoteWatch Analytical Tool: uncover which MEPs can help you advance your agenda. Part 3.1: Foreign Affairs

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This report is part of the new VoteWatch series showing you how to build your strategy using our new analytical tool (which is explained in-depth here) and which allows you to quickly identify kingmakers and swing-voters among MEPs. This tool is already been used by key stakeholders active in EU policy-making.

We show the positions of each MEP on key parts of the EU foreign policy agenda and highlight which MEPs are convinced (on either side), and which remain to be brought on board to secure majorities. Continue Reading