Exclusive Interview with MEP Barry Andrews: EU-UK relations – Northern Ireland Protocol

The Northern Ireland Protocol has become a significant sticking point in EU-UK relations post-Brexit, being pulled back into the spotlight after calls by the UK for the Protocol to be renegotiated and threats of triggering Article 16 to suspend it entirely. Continue Reading

Exclusive Interview with Ms Luisa Santos: EU-UK Trade post-Brexit

The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement was signed in December 2020, and brought into effect in May 2021, as a post-Brexit trade deal. Yet, many questions and challenges remain, such as the Northern Irish protocol and the UK losing its representation at the EU legislative level.

VoteWatch reached out to Ms Luisa Santos, Deputy Director General of BusinessEurope and Chair of BusinessEurope’s EU-UK Task Force to find out more about the future of the EU-UK trade relationship.  Continue Reading

Special highlights from EU decision making: EU-UK trade, Covid-19 vaccines, Green Deal and Social Pillar

This special briefing includes our latest observations regarding the politics behind EU policies on the following subjects:

– Digitalisation of the EP

– EU-UK trade relations

– Patents of COVID-19 vaccines

– Green deal policies on soil degradation and maritime emissions (for premium subscribers only)

– EU Social Pillar: harmonisation of policies on children (for premium subscribers only)

NB: the Commission pays attention to the size of EP majorities not only when voting on legislation, but also when own-initiative reports are being passed in the preparatory stages, hence the Commission is likely to shape the actual upcoming legislative proposals in line with these political majorities to avoid complications. Continue Reading