Influence Index 2021: Top influential MEPs on the EU’s Digital policies

This analysis is part of the Influence Index: a new data-driven ranking of MEPs by VoteWatch Europe and BCW Brussels. It is the only MEP ranking to measure influence through two crucial dimensions, namely:

  • – Political influence: the ability to change legislation, win votes, and shape debates;

  • – Social influence: the ability to reach people, shift the public conversation, and build a community of support.

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One year of far-right group in the EP: high participation, low success rate in shaping EU policies

On the 15th of June, the far-right eurosceptic Europe of Nations and Freedom celebrated its first birthday. Many have wondered what the constitution of this group, made up of Marine Le Pen’s Front National and their foreign legion, would mean for the political dynamics in the European Parliament and EU policies as a whole. We have looked into their behaviour and results over this past year. Continue Reading