Exclusive Interview with MEP Bart Groothuis: EU Hydrogen Strategy

The EU Hydrogen Strategy, adopted by the European Commission in the second half of 2020, will be the main point of reference for future EU action on hydrogen and the decarbonisation of the European energy mix. Hydrogen is attracting attention for both its potential in supporting the transition to a climate neutral economy, whilst at the same time revitalising that same economy. Continue Reading

Special highlights from EU decision making: Hydrogen, Vaccines, EU-China CAI, Turkey

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This special briefing includes our latest observations regarding the politics behind EU policies on the following subjects:

NB: the Commission pays attention to the size of EP majorities not only when voting on legislation, but also when own-initiative reports are being passed in the preparatory stages, hence the Commission is likely to shape the actual upcoming legislative proposals in line with these political majorities to avoid complications. Continue Reading