Will 2017 bring a new EU and world order?

If you think that 2016 was a dynamic year politically-wise, wait until you see the new year unfolding. The changes that will take place in the US and Europe will gradually reshape the currents of opinion globally and hence the patterns of international relations. Geo-political realignments will affect world governance, trade, businesses, economies and societies. Continue Reading

Strong EP majority prepares harmonisation of EU elections’ rules

The Constitutional Affairs Committee (AFCO) of the European Parliament adopted by a large majority (14 votes in favour, 5 against, 3 abstentions) a report asking for the reform of the electoral law of the European Union for the next EU elections of 2019.  The draft report has been prepared by two rapporteurs, which are part of the two main EU political groups, Danuta Hübner (EPP -PL) and Jo Leinen (S&D-DE), and will be put to vote in the EP plenary at the end of October.

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