Who are the most influential MEPs on energy policy?

The European Commission has just launched its new legislative (Winter) package that will substantially reform the energy market of the European Union. However, in order for these ideas to be transposed into actual EU law, they must first pass through the democratic filter of the European Parliament and the Council. This analysis looks into who are the Members of the European Parliament that are currently exerting the greatest influence on energy-related issues and who are likely to be the spearheads in shaping the newly released dossiers. Continue Reading

Eurosceptics vote down EU’s energy security strategy, in the absence of consensus among pro-EU forces

The EU Parliament’s report on the EU Energy Security Strategy did not manage to muster a majority. The document was supposed to draft the Parliament’s response to the strategy that the Commission published[1]  in May 2014.

The resolution was rejected by 277 votes in favour, 315 against and 111 abstentions. In an unprecedented turn of events, the forces opposing greater EU integration obtained their first significant victory since being reinforced in the 2014 EU elections. This was possible due to fierce disagreements between the pro social and pro free market EU supporters. Continue Reading