How would Fillon’s France change European policy?

by Doru Frantescu and Awenig Marie, with thanks to Davide Ferrari

This is a time of deep political uncertainty in most of the EU’s member states. The British are still to decide their link to Europe, Italians have just ousted their PM, Spaniards are experiencing the hurdles of their first coalition government after prolonged stalemate, while the Polish are redrawing the roles of their own institutions away from Europe. Continue Reading

Juncker’s investment fund is approved by a grand EP coalition


A rather large majority of EU Parliamentarians (76%) approved the establishment of the European Strategic and Investment Plan (EFSI)[1], also known as the “Juncker Plan”.



How the EFSI will work


After the green light by the MEPs, the fund will be approved by the Council and then launched this summer to boost EU’s economy and jobs creation by releasing and estimated €315 billion in public and private investment.


The report was jointly drafted by co-rapporteurs of the two biggest EP groups, the center-right People’s Party and center-left Socialists, in order to ensure a broad support among the backbenchers.

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