What lies behind Catalan MEP Josep-Maria Terricabras’ loyalty to his political group?

Our analysis of striking voting behavior in the European Parliament continues. After the ‘unusual’ cases of Sirpa Pietikäinen and Claude Rolin, we now take a look at the positions taken by EU Parliamentarians whose voting choices diverge so little from the official lines of their political groups that it might raise some questions.

Indeed, as we previously pointed out, MEPs exist and vote beyond the political groups in which they seat. Continue Reading

EU is to end its strategic partnership with Russia

The EU Parliament adopted by a large majority a report on the state of EU-Russia relations stating that in the current international context the EU has no choice but to “critically re-assess” its relations with Russia.

The non-legislative report was adopted by 494 votes in favour, 135 against and 69 abstention. Only the radical left / communists, eurosceptics and the nationalists opposed the final text. Continue Reading