Webinar: European Policy-Making Process in Practice


Looking to get better acquainted with the EU machinery? Join us for a one-day training session on the EU decision-making process! The training will be interactive and structured in four different thematic sections with breaks in between (including one hour break for lunch). 

Why participate?

•The training is client-tailored, based on the policy preferences of the participants;

•We will look together into how, when and by whom binding decisions are made;

•We will cover all the latest institutional developments, such as the distribution of the new portfolios in the European Commission, the internal organization of the new European Parliament, and the ever-changing Presidencies of the Council of the European Union;

•The training will go beyond the formal dynamics within the institutions, addressing the practicalities of internal processes in each of the institutions and the inter-institutional negotiations known as trilogues;

•In order to fully grasp the nature of EU decision-making, we will discuss the EU competences. Continue Reading

The European Parliament at 40: A More Mature Institution? Evolution of the EP committees’ size

AFET meeting © European Union (2015) – European Parliament

By Piotr Maciej Kaczyński*

For many years, the size of parliamentary committees has reflected the political choices of the Parliament. The bigger the committee – the more relevant the committee, this is the common understanding. The size of the committees stems from two sources. First is their popularity with elected Members (MEPs). Continue Reading