Rejection of two EC nominees: political takeaways on the new balance of power

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The confirmation process of the new College of Commissioners got off to a rocky start, after the Committee on Legal Affairs refused to green-light two Commissioners-designate (Rovana Plumb from Romania – S&D – and László Trócsányi from Hungary – EPP) for alleged conflicts of interest.

This is highly relevant for stakeholders as it showcases how the political battles ahead will look like: 

1) Protection by traditional political families is now less effective

The content of the arguments used for the rejection is, of course, relevant, but since the subject is brought to the interpretation of fellow politicians (as opposed to independent judges), it is difficult to overlook the political considerations of parties. Continue Reading

EU Parliamentarians propose new rules for future Commissioners’ hearings

A large majority of EU Parliamentarians adopted the non-binding report on the Commissioners’ hearings that took place in 2014. The text was approved by 517 votes in favour, 168 against and 23 abstentions. The majority was made by the pro-EU coalition of the EPP, S&D and ALDE groups along with the Greens. All the other groups opposed the text. The EFDD group was divided between the Italian members, who supported the text, and the British members that voted against it. Continue Reading