Analytics of comitology decisions

VoteWatch has undertaken the unprecedented step of collecting and processing comitology decisions since 2018. The outcome of these votes is now available in our database, which will be regularly updated with new decisions. Now, you can use it to map the positions of Member States by policy area and find out which decisions have been contested by which countries.

NB: big countries are among those being left in minority (and going against the Commission’s position) most often. Continue Reading

Special webinar: Analytics of comitology decision

Wednesday 9 June at 10:00-10:30 (Zoom)

VoteWatch has undertaken the unprecedented step of mapping the positions of national governments based on comitology over the past 3 years. Our newest dataset provides unique insights into the voting patterns of national governments on key policy areas, including chemicals, agriculture, taxation, transport, energy, climate and enlargement. Continue Reading