Key take aways from Spain and Romania’s elections

The 5th and 7th largest EU countries held key elections yesterday. Spaniards repeated once more parliamentary elections, while Romanians voted in the 1st round of presidential elections. While the topics of the electoral campaign were quite different, the overall trends in the redesign of the political party systems are similar.

The trends of fragmentation and polarization are expanding in Europe, as the political brands arising since the economic crisis are now fighting on equal footing the old, established parties. Continue Reading

Who is the new Romanian PM (and former EU Commissioner), Dacian Ciolos?

by Doru P. Frantescu, director & co-founder of VoteWatch Europe

Dacian Ciolos, a 46 years old technocrat, has been appointed as caretaker prime-minister of Romania by president Klaus Iohannis. This move follows the resignation of the socialist-led Ponta government, against the background of massive protests that are asking for the modernisation of the political class. Continue Reading