Bienkowska: Single Market Initiative 2015 will grow the economy. She will have to convince some leftist factions in the European Parliament

by Monika Golaszewska & Doru P. Frantescu

On Wednesday, October 28th, the Commission has launched a single market plan, which aims at unleashing its full potential and creating new opportunities in the global economy.

Commissioner for the internal Market, Elzbieta Bienkowska, has started her public diplomacy campaign by saying that she is very enthusiastic about the new opportunities for innovation and she “fell in love” with the single market while working on new strategies of its upgrading. “EU is the biggest market in the world, with 500 million consumers, but we have not realized its full potential” stressed Bienkowska. She sees the main problems in the barriers and protectionist measures, which hold back the entrepreneurs. The Commission has been working on a new approach to industrial competitiveness, to build an open and efficiently functioning product and service market. Continue Reading