Exclusive interview with MEP Ludvigsson: what role for Sweden in tomorrow’s EU?

The decision by the UK to leave the European Union has put Sweden, one of its main partners, in an awkward position. As highlighted by our previous report on Nordic countries, Swedish policymakers are not particularly enthusiastic about the Franco-German acceleration towards a multi-speed Europe, in particular when it comes to the Defence Union and the deepening of the Monetary Union. Continue Reading

What can the EU expect from the German federal election?

The future of many EU policies largely depends on the outcome of German election in September. Indeed, the potential end of the grand coalition, made up of the Christian Democratic Union and the Social Democrats, could alter the position of Berlin on issues such as the EU defence policy and the future of the Eurozone.

According to its supporters, the grand coalition brought harmony and balance to German politics. Continue Reading

The politics behind EU’s economic policy: which way forward during the 2017 electoral year?

The electoral cycle starting with the Dutch elections this week will be key in defining the future economic policy of the Eurozone. Although Brexit and Trump caught most of the media’s attention over the past year, the problems inherent to the current Eurozone’s system of governance are returning to the spotlight as the White Paper on the Future of the EU has been open for debate.  Continue Reading

Large Majority of EU political forces endorse ECB’s monetary policy

Large Majority of EU political forces endorse ECB’s monetary policy

On the 22nd of November, a comfortable majority of politicians representing parties across the EU (MEPs) backed a text which defended the famous decision by Mario Draghi to “do whatever it takes” to save the euro, as well as ECB’s measures to fight against the low inflation rate in the Eurozone area. Continue Reading

Banking Union is positive, but important improvements are still needed, MEPs say

The first EU Parliament annual report on the progress made in 2015 by the Banking Union (BU), drafted by the Chairman of the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, Roberto Gualtieri (IT, S&D), welcomed the BU as instrumental to ensuring stability and restoring confidence in euro area banks, but said that work still needs to be done.

The resolution was adopted by 351 votes in favour, 112 against and 30 abstentions. Continue Reading