Executive webinar: mapping MEPs cross-group connections in the ENVI Committee

23 September 2021 at 10:00 (Zoom)

MEPs tend to draft amendments in teams, in order to extend their sphere of influence and increase the chances of their amendments becoming part of the final report. Some MEPs are real masters at developing good relations with MEPs from other countries and political groups, which helps them substantially increase their leverage.

In this presentation we will show you which MEPs are the best bridge builders, and are therefore more likely to successfully pass amendments (at the Committee level and in Plenary). Continue Reading

VoteWatch Analytical Tool: Directory by policy area

This is a directory of the currently available influence matrices (which are explained in-depth here). Our new analytical tools will help you identify the kingmakers and swing-voters among MEPs, as well as show you how to forecast the outcome and build majorities that would support your priorities.

We show the positions of each MEP on key parts of the EU agenda and highlight which MEPs are convinced (on either side), and which remain to be brought on board to secure majorities.Use this analytical tool to spot:

a) how influential MEPs are in a given policy area (vertical axis). Continue Reading

New EP influence matrix – all you need to plan your campaign in advance

You no longer need to resort to stressful fire-fighting: use the new influence matrix to forecast what is going to happen when a decision reaches the European Parliament.  Find out who will try to influence it and in which direction, but also where you have greater odds of being successful.  Save your time and energy by identifying, well in advance, both your allies and those that you can still bring on board from among the hidden influencers in order to maximise your results.  Continue Reading

3 moves smart stakeholders should make ahead of 2019 – Brexit and EU elections year

With just over a year to go, the European Union will experience in 2019 one of its biggest transformations since the 2004 enlargement, as the UK is scheduled to leave in March, while the next European elections will take place in May. These two major political events, combined with a potentially stronger populist campaign led by Eurosceptic parties and a new pro-European movement spearheaded by French President Emmanuel Macron, will surely turn European politics into a new page. Continue Reading