State of the Union – Research (by VoteWatch Europe)

As the President of the European Commission is about to deliver his last State of the Union speech before the European elections, we are delivering our own State of the Union research based on our big data on the political developments in the EU institutions.

As the elections are getting closer, we decided to provide you with an overview of the main trends that we have observed over the last four years. Many things have happened since May 2014: the backlash against austerity in Southern Europe, the Brexit referendum, the quarrel between the European Commission and Poland on the rule of law, the rise of far-right forces across the continent. How did these changes affect the coalition building dynamics in the EU institutions?

Find out the answer in this special edition of Movers and Shakers of EU Politics! This report also includes our forecasts on what we expect to change (or stay the same) after the next European elections. 

* If you are interested in particular policy areas check our unique forecasts on the future direction of EU policies (such as data protection) after the EU elections. 

In particular, you will learn:

- Is decision-making in the EU Council becoming less consensual due to nationalism? The answer is yes (see in our report the details)

- Is the widening rift between Western and Eastern European countries reflected in the voting behavior dynamics in the EU Council? 

- Did the cohesion of the political groups in the European Parliament decrease due to the rising nationalist sentiment? 

- What was the actual impact of the decision by the left-leaning S&D to break the grand coalition with the right-leaning EPP? 

- Did the Eurosceptic forces manage to capitalize on their increasing electoral strength in order to shape policies in the European Parliament?

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