MEPs call on the EU to rethink its relations with Russia

The EP adopted a resolution welcoming the Minsk ceasefire agreement and criticising its violation by Russian troops and separatists. The resolution also strongly condemns the Russian Federation for conducting a “hybrid war” against Ukraine and calls on Russia to withdraw all its military forces from the country.

The text reiterates EU’s commitment to the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine and that the international community will not recognize the annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol.

MEPs welcome the Ukrainian laws passed on 16 September on a special status for the districts of Donetsk and Luhansk and the amnesty approved by the Ukrainian Parliament. The text also says that the EU needs to rethink its relations with Russian and abandon the strategic partnership concept.

The resolution underlines that there is no military solution to the crises, and stress the “reversibility and scalability” (AM 10) of the EU sanctions, depending on the evolution of the situation in Ukraine.

However, the political families in the European Parliament had different views on nuances. For example, the socialists, radical Left, liberals and democrats and most of the nationalists supported a statement calling on the European Commission “to explore modalities of EU cooperation with the Eurasian Economic Union” (amendment 14/2). This statement was opposed by the centre-right EPP group and the Greens/EFA. A small number of Italian EPP Members defected and voted in favour. Within the group of conservatives and reformists (ECR), the Members from the Alternative for Germany voted in favour of this statement, the Polish voted against, while the British abstained. The EFDD group was also divided on the issue, with the Italians from 5-Star movement voting in favour, and the British UKIP voting against.

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Note: the final vote on the text of the resolution as a whole was not cast by roll-call vote, therefore there is no data to show on how each Member voted.