Manfred Weber (EPP) vs. Gianni Pitella (S&D): allies or rivals?

Manfred Weber and Gianni Pittella are the leaders of the two biggest political factions in the European Parliament, the groups of the European People’s Party and of the Socialists and Democrats, respectively.

Many observers have argued that there are few differences between the views of these two, a situation which acts as a disincentive for the European citizens to come to vote, since they can’t see why an option is better than the other. Or, voters decide to support more radical parties, whose positions are clearer and easier to communicate to the general public.

We have looked into the behavior of these two leaders in the current and past EP terms to spot where they agree and where they disagree on key topics that shape European politics today. This is what we found.

Note: for checking the details of the votes, please see the annex at the bottom of this article.

Weber vs Pittella 30 Sept 2015 final

ANNEX: links to the votes mentioned in the infograph.

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