Large majority of MEPs see a role for the EU in the Israel-Palestine conflict

MEPs passed a resolution condemning the violations of human rights committed by both sides during the last Gaza war and urging the EU to participate effectively in the humanitarian effort and to play a more active political role in facilitating Israeli-Palestinian relations after the Gaza war.

The resolution also welcomes the ongoing dialogue between the Israeli government and the Palestinian authorities and reiterates its support for the two-state solution based on the 1967 borders.

A majority of MEPs rejected attempts from the radical Left Members, sometimes supported by a minority of the socialists, to push through a much tougher stance on Israel.   For example, on the vote on AM 17, demanding “reparations from Israel for the EU-funded projects destroyed during repeated aggressions in both Gaza and the West Bank”, 25 MEPs (mostly from the Spanish delegation) of the S&D group voted in favour and 13 abstained.

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The final text was adopted by 447 votes in favour, 143 against and 41 abstentions. EPP, S&D, ECR and ALDE groups supported the resolution, while the radical left GUE/NGL group, the majority of the MEPs from the GREENS/EFA group and the non-affiliated Members opposed it. The EFDD group was split, with half of its Members voting against and the Italian ‘five star’ delegation voting in favour.

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