Iowa, a Small but Major Step Towards the White House

Iowa, United States – Americans have just received news from the first major caucus on the road to Election Day in November. People have been anxiously awaiting these results due to it being a major milestone in the race.

Here is what was learned last night. Ted Cruz finally knocked down Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump. Cruz came in at 28% support while Trump came in at 24%. This marks the first time another Republican candidate has overtaken Trump significantly. Marco Rubio came in third place with about 23% support. Trump no longer has the significant lead on the rest of the candidates that he thought he had. His attacks on other candidates may increase in strength now that he sees them as a threat. He began attacking Cruz for being a Canadian-born American recently because he was beginning to gain a lot of support.

With these results, Cruz has now received 8 delegates at the Republican National Convention. Trump has won 7 and Rubio has also won 7. This is only the first caucus, but it has played a strong role in predicting the next President of the United States in most elections.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton is not as strong as many had believed. After a long night of counting, the results show that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had a virtual tie despite Clinton having less than a percentage point of votes above Bernie. This is a major moment in the race because it shows that the Sanders campaign is serious and is picking up a lot of support. Many believe that Clinton’s campaign did not take Sanders’ campaign seriously enough in the beginning and believed that she had the party nomination no matter what. Hillary and Bernie were both awarded 20 delegates to the Democratic National Convention. This will be a close race for the next few months.

Iowa also showed American voters that there will be a lot of weeding out of candidates soon. Martin O’Malley and Mike Huckabee have both suspended their campaigns after Iowa. From here on, many other candidates will begin to suspend their campaigns.

The Iowa caucus is the first major vote that helps predict the new President. Here, Iowans gather in accordance to their political party (Democrat or Republican) at 1,681 precincts (a district or city area). 2 different systems arise from the parties. In the Republican camp, Iowans simply go to a local meeting of Republicans and write down which candidate they support. Democrats, on the other hand, gather according to their preferred candidate. From there, the leader of the group calls in the number of supporters to the headquarters of Iowa’s Democratic party. They then divide up how many delegates each candidate gets at the party convention. There, the party officially selects a candidate to be put on the ticket for November’s election. This year’s Iowa caucus was also a record setting event since there were more participants than ever before.

So what happens after Iowa? Next week, the candidates head to New Hampshire for the first primary vote in the race. There, political analysts believe that Sanders will have a major win over Hillary due to the state being next door to his state of Vermont. They also show Trump holding a major lead over Cruz in New Hampshire.