Influence Index 2020: Most Influential Portuguese MEPs

Note: this country-based report is part of the broader study that measured the influence of MEPs from all 27 EU Members States. To consult the methodology and cross-country comparisons check out the full study.

The analysis uses data and insights from the one-year period up to August 2020. There have since been some changes in European parliamentary seats and leadership positions. 


1) José Manuel Fernandes (Partido Social Democrata, EPP) is Coordinator of Budgets on behalf of the EPP. He is also the Chair of the Delegation for Relations with the Federative Republic of Brazil. Fernandes has been a rapporteur on several files in the Budget Committee, for example the dossier on the Mobilisation of the European Globalisation Adjustment. Currently, Fernandes leads the dossier on the Mobilisation of the European Union Solidarity Fund, which focuses on assistance to Portugal, Spain, Italy and Austria for damage caused by natural disasters. He is also working on the Reform support programme 2021–2027. In addition to his expertise on budgetary issues, he is Vice-Chair of the Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development intergroup.

2) Pedro Silva Pereira (Partido Socialista, S&D) is one of the Vice-Presidents of the European Parliament. In the past, he was Vice-Chair of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs. Silva Pereira has been the rapporteur on key files related to establishing an economic partnership between the EU and Japan, and the establishment of the European Monetary Fund, as well as files on the composition of the Parliament. In his capacity as a member of the Brexit Steering Committee, he joined forces with Danuta Maria Hübner (PolandPlatforma Obywatelska) to tackle the debate on how to divide the Parliamentary seats post-Brexit.

3) Paulo Rangel (Partido Social Democrata, EPP) is an influential Christian-Democrat. He is Vice-Chair of the EPP group as well as the Vice-President of European People’s Party. Additionally, Rangel is the head of the Portuguese Partido Social Democrata in the EP. He is currently a rapporteur on a dossier on the progress in Bosnia and Herzegovina against the backdrop of this country’s EU membership bid. In the past, Rangel led dossiers on visa processing through the Visa Information System (VIS) and, in his capacity as Chair of the Delegation for Relations with the Federative Republic of Brazil, he was rapporteur on a file about cooperation with Brazil on short-stay visa waivers.

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