European doctors call on the EU citizens to rally behind the European project

VoteWatch has received this call for action from the European Doctors, which we believe it is worth passing on to our readers.

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CPME statement on cooperation in the European Union

The Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME) represents National Medical Associations across Europe. We are committed to contributing the medical profession’s point of view to EU institutions and European policy-making through pro-active cooperation on a wide range of health and healthcare-related issues.

From its very establishment in 1959, the political and organisational evolution of CPME has been intrinsically linked with the European Union. The elaboration of EU competences and institutions as well as successive enlargements to include new Member States, have been reflected in the development of CPME.

CPME knows from its own experience that it sometimes requires immense efforts and compromise to achieve policy action which balances national perspectives and European objectives.

Nonetheless, CPME is unwavering in its belief in and commitment to the benefits of cooperation in the European Union and in wider Europe, both at the institutional and governmental level, as well as between National Medical Associations.

In light of the rising scepticism towards the European Union and European cooperation, CPME wishes to highlight the following:

CPME is convinced that National Medical Associations fulfil a crucial role not only for the medical profession, but also for patients, the healthcare system, and society as a whole. Cooperation between independent and democratic National Medical Associations at European-level strengthens the representation of the profession, including its right to take action in support of professional regulation, ethics, and medical practice conditions.

The European Union has created a body of rights for EU citizens which safeguards, i.a., equal treatment and non-discrimination, cross-border mobility, safe working conditions and fundamental rights. These provide a foundation not only for everyday lives but also for the functioning of healthcare systems.

The European Union provides a legal framework for the mobility of doctors and patients. Thanks to a scheme on the mutual recognition of doctors’ qualifications, the medical profession is one of the most mobile. Similarly, laws on patients’ rights to receive healthcare outside their own Member State offer opportunities, particularly for patients with rare diseases or those in need of specialised treatment. At its best, this mobility can benefit not only the individual EU citizen, but also the healthcare system as a whole. The involvement of European doctors is essential to ensure that laws are safe and fit for purpose.

CPME therefore appeals to doctors, citizens and governments alike to consider the benefits of cooperation in the EU and wider Europe and to remain committed to the European project.

One thought on “European doctors call on the EU citizens to rally behind the European project”

  1. I read with interest the letter about the european project sent from the european doctors committee and would like to point out the discrimination against EU citizens living in Italy. Every week I get messages on my blog from EU citizens living in Italy who cannot register with the authorities (following the 2004/38/CE Directive) because of the restrictive interpretation of the directive by the italian authorities.
    To make it simple, in any country of the EU (and probably of the world) if you live there you are resident there. In Italy you can live there without being resident. Even if it can sounds crazy this is the reality. If you don’t register at the municipality you are not considered as “resident” so you cannot ask for any little right given to residents or italian citizens. The problem is that when a EU citizen try to register to the municipality the nightmare starts with hundreds of unnecessary requests of documents not needed and not requested by the 2004/38/CE Directive and with the result that most of them renounce and stay in a state of uncertainty where there are no rights, no healthcare and anything else.
    This despise the fact that italy doesn’t give any social help as it can be in France, Germany or other real welfare state but if you are not registered it’s like you don’t really exist in that country.
    Please have a look to the hundreds of comments below this post I wrote few years ago in order to help EU citizens knowing their rights in order to register.
    Thanks for your attention

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