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New EP influence matrix – all you need to plan your campaign in advance

You no longer need to resort to stressful fire-fighting: use the new influence matrix to forecast what is going to happen when a decision reaches the European Parliament.  Find out who will try to influence it and in which direction, but also where you have greater odds of being successful.  Save your time and energy by identifying, well in advance, both your allies and those that you can still bring on board from among the hidden influencers in order to maximise your results.  Continue Reading

MEP Network Analysis: who links with whom in the European Parliament?

This is the first instance of a series providing key insights from our network-analysis of MEPs. Stay tuned for the second part to be published next week. 

Due to the consensus-driven nature of the EP, amendments play a key role in bridging gaps between different factions and finding common positions on the way to the vote. As such, they provide crucial information about the bridge-builders and the hubs of influence. Continue Reading

Call for advisers

VoteWatch Europe, a leading Brussels-based organisation, is looking for advisers that can help us expand our pool of paying subscribers / customers.

If you are familiar with our work and you have concrete ideas on how we can expand our “market”, or useful contacts for us, feel free to contact VoteWatch Europe’s CEO, Doru Peter Frantescu, at [email protected] Continue Reading

New VoteWatch Analytical Tool: Uncover which MEPs can help you advance your agenda. Part 1: International Trade

This report is the first part of the new VoteWatch series showing you how to use our new analytical tool (which is explained in-depth here) in order to identify the kingmakers and swing-voters among MEPs. In this first part, we are focusing on decisions that have to do with trade negotiations conducted by the EU and we show how to forecast the outcome and build majorities that would support your priorities.  Continue Reading

Call for EU politics experts, in Brussels and internationally

VoteWatch Europe, a leading Brussels-based organisation, is looking for experts with a view to expanding its research and communication capacity.

VoteWatch Europe is specialised in using EU political data to provide uniquely precise mapping of the positions of political players on a broad range of policy topics. Our analyses are being used on a daily basis by the EU officials, public and private stakeholders, the media and the academia. Continue Reading

Influence Index 2020: Most influential MEPs by policy area

In the last few weeks, we have published the first part of our Influence Index 2020: a new data-driven ranking of MEPs by VoteWatch Europe and BCW Brussels.

More precisely, we ranked the influence of individual MEPs on different policy areas. The topics covered refer to the political priorities of von der Leyen’s geopolitical Commission, including highly salient topics such as the EU Green Deal, the EU’s digital transition and the EU economic recovery. Continue Reading

Book: How to Work with the EU Institutions: A Practical Guide to Successful Public Affairs in the EU

Having set up and run for the past 11 years a leading analytical information source on the politics behind EU policies made in Brussels, Doru Peter Frantescu, CEO and Co-founder of VoteWatch Europe, shares his insights in this John Harper Publishing forthcoming book – How to Work with the EU Institutions: A Practical Guide to Successful Public Affairs in the EU. Continue Reading

Webinar: European Policy-Making Process in Practice (Fall edition)


Looking to get better acquainted with the EU machinery? Join us in October for another one-day training session on the EU decision-making process! The training will be interactive and structured in four different thematic sections with breaks in between (including one hour break for lunch).


Why participate?

📌 The training is client-tailored, based on the policy preferences of the participants;

📌 We will look together into how, when and by whom binding decisions are made;

📌 The training will go beyond the formal dynamics within the institutions, addressing the practicalities of internal processes in each of the institutions and the inter-institutional negotiations known as trilogues;

📌 In order to fully grasp the nature of EU decision-making, we will discuss the EU competences. Continue Reading

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